Baking Kit

Item: K0006

> Fully assembled Baking kit.
> Includes one roll bag + 29 essential baking tools.
> Quality roll bag with inner compartments & shoulder strap.
> Includes top-quality knives from Friedr. Dick Germany.

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Our complete Baking kit comes complete with a quality roll bag and 29 essential baking tools.

Our roll bag features durable lining, multiple compartments, zipper pockets, a sturdy carrying handle and detachable shoulder strap.

Assembled inside of the roll bag are the following 29 baking components:

Roll Bag With 17-Piece Capacity
Digital waterproof Thermometer
4.5" Ateco Offset Spatula 
Plastic Scraper
Ateco Cake Decorating Comb
Stainless Steel Zester
Wooden Reamer/Juicer for Lemons
Baker's Pad
14" Wooden Spoon
Digital Kitchen Scale 5kg Capacity
Half Size Silicone Baking Mat
Ateco Double Sided, Round Cutter Set (6 pcs)
Ateco Plain Tube Set (10 pcs)
10 Star Decorating Tips
14" Stainless Steel Piano Style Whip
16" Plastic Coated Thermohauser Bag
Double Edged Baker's Blade
Swissmar 'Y' Peeler
2" Flat Nylon Pastry Brush
4" Stainless Steel Take-Apart Shears
14" High Heat Spatula
Ateco 10" Offset Spatula
10" Ateco Straight Spatula
Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
Stainless Steel Dough Pan Block Scraper
Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Set of Four
Disher Scoop #40 (2/3 oz)
F.Dick 3" ProDynamic Kitchen Knife
F.Dick 10" ProDynamic Utility Knife, Serrated
F.Dick 8.5" ProDynamic Chef Knife

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