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F.DICK ErgoGrip Knives

ErgoGrip series knives are uncompromising in ergonomics and sharpness. These reliable and robust butcher's knives are designed for everyday use. Top professional quality for hygienic, fatigue-free work. This series exclusively uses high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and material compositions for the blade and the handle. The blade's hardness of 56° HRC significantly reduces material consumption and ensures that the cutting edge has a long life time. 

Less residue can adhere to the blade thanks to the polished surface, making it corrosion-resistant and easier to clean. the handle is shaped with an extra-wide thumb rest and pronounced finger guard, and the back of the blade is rounded. The finger guard on the handle prevents your hand from accidentally slipping off and coming into contact with the knife blade. The ergonomic and non-slip handle sits comfortably in your hand for precise guidance and improved efficiency.

Easy to clean and resistant to heat, shocks and abrasion, this series has been awarded the American NSF seal for hygiene and quality.

Professional butcher working with an FDick Ergogrip knife

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